Friday, April 29, 2011

Emma Watson Anonymous Insider Cites She Was Bullied Out of Brown

"Harry Potter" super-star Emma Watson is vehemently denying that she was bullied out of Brown University.

Media reports earlier this month cited an anonymous Brown "insider" claimed Watson was "bullied out" of the prominent Providence Rhode Island university.

There was a statement posted on Watson's website Friday indicating that she was taking a semester off from school this spring and it had absolutely "nothing to do with bullying." Watson stated that she was never bullied at Brown or anywhere else.

Watson has been made famous by her role as Hermione Granger in the popular "Harry Potter" movies. She proclaimed that she was not certain what her plans are for the fall semester, her third year at the school. She says that, like many other Brown students, she is thinking about studying abroad.

Information that is cited anonymously is not always accurate. This is a good example of taking pause to examine the facts before jumping to conclusions. If Ms. Watson was indeed bullied, we hope she has not suffered the tremendous emotional stress that comes with being a victim of bullying. Anonymity is important in society. Disclosure of private or personal matters relating to a highly visible superstars are common. Defamation and hearsay are also common. However, as they say- "where there is smoke there is fire." Silent Sender believes it is everyone's inherent right to anonymous speech. The ability to send an anonymous message or reveal information anonymously should always be balanced with careful thought before taking action.

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Anonymous donor gives Picasso to University of Sydney

An anonymous donor has given a priceless Picasso painting  to the University of Sydney. The only caveat is that the school must sell the painting and use proceeds pay for scientific research.

The painting depicts Picasso's lover, Marie-Therese Walter. It is Likely to sell for up to $19.5 million U.S. when it is auctioned at Christie's in London.

The painting was donated in 2010 by an anonymous individual in the United States who requested their identity remain secret. The anonymous donor personally delivered the painting to the school with the strict criteria regarding its sale and the use of the proceeds.

It is expected that a portion of the proceeds will be used to for obesity research, as well as research for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Also in 2010, another Picasso portrait of Walter was auctioned off and fetched $106.5 million — a world record sale.

The ability to remain anonymous and make great contributions to society and to scientific research is fundamental and typical of many prior philanthropic contributions. Anonymity allow for great things to happen. Whether it is sending an anonymous email to tip off the police or simply giving back to society in a humble manner, anonymity is a part of who we are.

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Anonymous tip leads to drug bust

A tip from an anonymous caller has resulted in the arrest of three people now facing drug charges. The tip led police to a parking lot and then to an East York home where more than $500,000 woth of cash and drugs was discovered and seized.

The anonymous tip was received by York Regional Police regarding suspicious activity in a parking lot in the Woodbine Ave.-Hwy. 7 area.

A man was arrested without incident around March 25.

The following day police raided a home on West Lynn Ave. in East York and seized another $120,000, and a more drugs worth in excess of $310,000. Along with the cash and drugs several weapons were discovered.

"This is a fine example of how the general public can help be the eyes and ears of police work," Browne said.

It is not unusual for the general public or even someone "in the know" to send an anonymous message to authorities. Many crimes are exposed everyday by concerned citizens that either send an anonymous tip or use some form of anonymous messaging to pass on vital information that leads to arrests. Silent Sender applauds the brave citizen that contributed the information that led to these arrests.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Send Anonymous Email - Send Anonymous Message "How it works"

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anonymous Obama - Missing The Good Ol' Days Of No Recognition

Even President Obama admits that anonymity has its advantages, especially when you are a victim of constant overexposure and  media critique. Being able to live a normal life without your every move being tracked and followed must be veritable fantasy for Obama, especially as he moves into campaign mode for the 2012 Presidential Elections. Or not?

Obama was recently quoted as saying 'I miss being anonymous.'

The president longs of days-gone-by where he could walk around in public and go unnoticed, just another "joe" going about his business. Apparently he reminisces about the days he could saunter into a store and nobody would know who he was. Nowadays, that is quite impossible. Even with a Groucho Marx disguise it wouldn't be difficult to pick him.

Obama stated, "I just miss — I miss being anonymous," in a conversation with Hearst magazine executives at the White House the other week, according to the Houston Chronicle. "I miss Saturday morning, rolling out of bed, not shaving, getting into my car with my girls, driving to the supermarket, squeezing the fruit, getting my car washed, taking walks."

What's interesting is the President is framing the notion of anonymity in the same realm as "personal privacy." In essence, he is admitting that having no recognizable or attributable identity offers a kind of "freedom" and it is this freedom that he misses. It is always interesting to hear from celebrities and prominent members of society express their true feelings about their celebritydom. The revelation that President Obama is an indirect supporter of anonymity via the right to privacy bodes well for anonymity as an acceptable tool to protect ourselves from our own over-exposure, even if we aren't a rockstar like Mr. Obama.

Silent Sender will be watching the President's stance on anonymity and the right to anonymous speech and freedom of express through anonymity in the years to come. Being able to communicate anonymously by sending anonymous emails, socializing anonymously online or posting anonymous comments on news and blogs sites is an inalienable right. So is the right to disguise your identity in order to protect your privacy online or in the real world.

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iShareGossip Anonymous Gossip Website Targeted UPDATE

On March 25th Silent Sender reported on the European webstie iShareGossip and how it was under fire by the German government for permitting and possibly encouraging hateful speech and cyber-bullying. The prior report can be found in the archives under 'iShareGossip Anonymous Gossip Website Targeted'. As of March 30th, the German government has banned access to the gossip website, however the site continues to operate and remains very popular amongst German and European teens.

The online gossip site allegedly encourages harassment at school. The German government has quickly moved to block the site from major search engines but the popluarity of the site persists even though it cannot be searched for. Blocking "search" of the website is kind of like sweeping the dust under the proverbial rug. It doesn't really do anything but hide it from searches.  It is still accessible online and can be searched for outside of Germany as well. The concern remains that the website doesn't just encourage an environment for hateful speech, but invades users privacy rights because anyone can openly post anonymous comments about anyone else in a public forum. The controversy is somewhat confusing because this is not a new problem or issue. Anyone can easy defame of post derogatory comments anonymously on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter (if you create a fictitious account) or any of the "suggestion" websites like Askville, Wiki Answers or Yahoo! Answers. It just so happens that iShareGossip may be inadvertently (or openly) marketing itself as a venue for anon "haters". While we have these problems in the United States - even websites such as and have not prompted government intervention. As far as Germany goes, the questions should be what are the legal ramifications of it iShareGossip's users and the website itself? What laws are being broken by posters (defamation laws) and is the website considered public domain. What would be the difference if I screamed at the top of my lungs some hateful speech about a student while in the playground?

Silent Sender in no way condones cyber-bullying or the poor choices that some teens are making on iShareGossip or any other social networking website, blog or YouTube. It is likely that these same teens would engage in a similar form of harassment if the gossip website was not available. Social networking will continue to evolve, and matters of anonymity will have to be addressed in order to preserve freedom of speech. Once again- rude and hateful speech usually emanates from emotionally unstable individuals that do not have the ability to control themselves or recognize the ramifications of their actions. It is the recommendation of Silent Sender that the government of Germany refocus it's efforts on educating teens about personal responsibility and accountability while surfing online. They can begin doing this by supporting German families and providing useful guidelines about online social etiquette. Most young adults follow the rules and thrive on structure. The only way to combat anarchy is by giving the chaos structure that comes from within. Encouraging strong family values and making teens accountable for their actions both online and offline will reinforce a safer more civilized online community, regardless of the website, digital forum or playground.

Anonymous messaging and the ability to send anonymous emails or engage one another in anonymous social networking venues is an important part of society and an innate right that should never be quelled. Abusers of this privilege should not "be a precedent" for eliminating or suppressing this freedom.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Anonymous Letter On Twitter Urges Overthrow Of Chinese Government

It has been over a month since an anonymous message on Twitter called people to gather in various Chinese cities to protest against the Chinese government. For the last month, each week has seen increasingly higher numbers of suggested cities, and each week the Twitter'er still cheerfully claims that such actions will slowly take down the totalitarian government. Despite the call to action - what little protesters there were have silently disappeared into the shadows of ambuity. The entire effort has pretty much slipped back into the shadows of uncertainty, however that's not the same for the government crackdown.

Dissidents and protesters are quietly disappearing in the middle of the night or an their way home from work. Many are being detained for "questioning". China takes protests against the establish quite seriously as we can all recall from the events in 1989 at Tienanmen Square where protesters and students were openly fired upon and killed by government police.

The anonymous letter posted in Twitter continues to urge a call to action, but the movement seems to have died down for now. It is important to pause here and consider the ramifications of an anonymous message posted online. Clearly- we have seen the powerful impact of social networking on the Middle East turmoil over the last three months. The ability to reach out to the masses, anonymously, in efforts to organize people can have a profound effect. But without leadership or a clear mandate- efforts likes these are quickly quelled in countries like China. Click the mouse at the wrong moment in time or show up at a flash mob and you might disappear too. Let's all hope that these rumors are unfounded or over-exaggerated.

Anonymous messaging and the ability safely surf the web anonymously, post anonymous comments and enjoy anonymous social networking are a part of our society and culture; this is a reflection of the freedom that we are granted under the Constitution of the United States.

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The of Nature Online Anonymity Part 2

The of Nature Online Anonymity Part 2

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How To Send Anonymous Email - Anonymous Messaging