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Anonymous Messaging - Things You Should Never Tell a Woman Vs. Sharing the Ugly Truth


Derek Cromwell

Information is golden, and the actual information you have or the information you want to provide is and always will be more important than where it comes from. Unfortunately, we tend to put far too much emphasis on the source of the info while discounting the weight of the information itself. If the information you have could keep someone from getting hurt, can save a life, could bring a fugitive to justice or if it simply protects the rights and lives of others then it needs to come out.
Mind you there are some situations where information you have - based on a subjective point of view - is best kept to yourself. A perfect example would be in the top 10 things you should never tell a woman:

  • That your family hates her

  • That you have insecurities

  • That you flirt with other women

  • That you have some kind of wimpy behavior

  • Compare her to your ex

  • That you talk to your mother about everything... often

  • You have not-so-cool hobbies (Faberge eggs anyone?)

  • That you dislike her any of her girlfriends

  • That you've done shameful things in the past

  • That you find one of her friends to be smoking hot.

From that list you could pretty much gather that these are areas that no man should venture into when it comes to speaking the truth. In situations like this, it's best to just let things be. Some things you should just never tell a woman. We won't even touch on any use of the word 'fat' because if you've done it or considered it, no top 10 list is going to save you.
Subjective opinions whether they're fact or fiction rarely need to be spoken, even if they are bursting out of you. When you have vital information that relates to something immoral, unethical or even illegal that has to do with someone you know then it's imperative that you speak up. Here are some things that you should say to someone - even women.

  • That a coworker is cheating on the time clock

  • A neighbor is dumping toxic chemicals on their property

  • First hand proof of fraud

  • If someone you know is being cheated on

  • If you know of illegal activity in your neighborhood - or in your family
But what if you want to report any of these incidents but you have no interest in letting people know you're the one that blew the whistle? Is there a way to report on these activities anonymously?
Even if the information involves a spouse or direct family (or someone they know) sometimes it's best to give the information through anonymous means like using an anonymous messaging service. That can remove you from the situation while getting the information to the right people.
You're doing the right thing while protecting your own interests.
It's unfortunate that we live in a world where people are forced to look out for their own best interests just to do what's right, but you can't risk exposing yourself if you have a legit fear of reprisal in any situation. Using an anonymous messaging service will protect your identity, helping you remember that the information is always more important than the source.
An anonymous messaging service completely removes the source from the equation.
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Silent Sender is an anonymous messaging service designed to help empower you to blow the whistle without blowing your cover.  Stay anonymous and go silent by sending a free anonymous email message to any one, anywhere, anytime.

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Anonymous Messaging Online - Can Americans Do The Right Thing?

Could a newly launched website prevent the modern day equivalent of the Kitty Genovese murder?

PRLog (Press Release)Jan 26, 2011 – DETROIT, Michigan – People have long been worried about getting involved in the affairs of others, particularly when it means that their name may be tied to something less than favorable such as negligent, criminal or unethical activities.  Others simply suffer from what has been coined the “bystander effect” or “Genovese Syndrome”.

This term came about due to the gruesome murder of Kitty Genovese in New York, 1964, and the subsequent lack of reaction of many of the neighbors around her apartment building where she was attacked and stabbed by Winston Moseley.

Despite the cries for help including Genovese screaming “Oh my God, He stabbed me! Help me!” many of the neighbors that did hear the incident assumed that it was a lover’s quarrel, or a drunken debate in the street outside of their apartment building.  The reaction of local residents, or lack thereof, is theorized to be based more on the protection of self and even the callousness of local New York residents.

Then, as many do now, people kept to themselves to protect the safety of their homes and families.  People rarely want to tie their name to a gruesome incident such as the murder of Kitty Genovese where they may be forced to testify in a criminal and expose themselves.

But could this type of incident be prevented if people had a way to inform authorities in an anonymous fashion?  What if the local residents had a way to keep their name off the records while getting Kitty Genovese the help she needed? is a newly launched site that focuses on giving people the opportunity to send messages and letters in an anonymous fashion, whether that’s reporting on a crime, delivering news and information to various media outlets or sending important information to an individual.

The aim is to provide a platform where people can be heard – a place where they can say what needs to be said without fear of reprisal.

“Around the world, but especially here in our local communities, there is a lack of accountability and personal responsibility.” Says a spokesperson for  “There needed to be a way for people to share information without being caught in the middle.  Some people just don’t trust tip lines & law enforcement.  With our anonymous message services we give them a way to speak without worrying about freedom of speech.  Silent Sender is a means for the public to finally make an immediate and profound difference while protecting their identity.”

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About Silent Sender

The site,, delivers the ability for users to send free anonymous messages of 160 characters in length or a premium anonymous letter through direct mail that can be up to 10 pages in length with the added ability to attach photos. Silent Sender is a tool that anyone can use to disseminate information in an anonymous fashion.

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To Tattle or Not to Tattle – That is The Question Behind Anonymous Messaging

Should we or should we not step forward to reveal ourselves as well as the information we have? A new website makes the decision much easier.

PRLog (Press Release)Jan 26, 2011 – DETROIT, Michigan – Is it morally right to withhold information that could save a friend – or even an unknown – from imminent peril… or should you take a stand and do something about it?  What if you had the ability to “spill the beans” while remaining completely anonymous?

Every day, people become privy to information regarding unethical, immoral and even criminal activity.  Most of those people want nothing to do it with it because they don’t want their name attached to the conflict.  There is a standing fear of becoming the messenger, specifically because of the “kill the messenger” reaction that many people have when they become the recipient of negative news or information.

Silent Sender, a newly launched site, is giving everyone the opportunity to finally speak up without fear of becoming that messenger on the chopping block.

“No one wants to get wrapped up in conflict, even when it means doing the right thing.  People want to do right naturally and we end up carrying this heavy moral weight because we’re stuck between covering our own and trying to do what’s right” says a spokesperson for

They went on to state “Whether it has to do with turning someone in at work, or tipping off someone to a cheating spouse, or even just letting someone know they’re doing something wrong there is a standing fear of reprisal and retribution.  Few people are ok with the potential for having a ‘do the right thing’ choice blow up in their face.  That’s why I launched Silent Sender, so people could ‘go silent’ because the truth will set you free.  It gets rid of that moral weight.”

The newly launched site offers users the ability to send anonymous messages, up to 160 characters (about the length of a Twitter message) for free to any email address.  For those users who want to dish out more information, there’s a premium anonymous messaging service where users can send up to 10 pages with photos to any physical address for a small price.

The overall mission of the site is to provide users with a platform where they can embrace the freedom of speech and deliver information to any source without fear of being personally tied to the info or getting caught in the middle.  For those debating on whether or not to “tattle”, Silent Sender offers the obvious solution through anonymous messaging services.

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About Silent Sender is a social networking tool that anyone can use to disseminate information in an anonymous fashion. Whether electronic or snail mail, every person who uses Silent Sender can be empowered to make a meaningful and immediate impact on their community – anywhere in the United States.

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Anonymous Messaging – Can Every American Finally Have a Voice?

A new anonymous messaging service is making it easier for everyday citizens to make themselves heard

PRLog (Press Release)Jan 26, 2011 – DETROIT, Michigan – WikiLeaks; It’s a branded name that millions of people are aware of thanks to a great deal of media attention.  That media attention was brought about by the subtle yet purposeful attempts of authoritarian figures to impose national gag orders on the ability to share information.

As people have tried to disseminate information either online or directly to other sources (such as the media), many have been met with resistance and previously mentioned gag orders in an effort to squelch the flow of important info.  

People as a whole tend to want to protect their own; Especially when it comes to sharing information – even if that info pertains to a coworker, a friend or someone they’re close to.  That’s the reason so few people tend to challenge the system in any way – they fear reprisal by using the voice that the constitution of the United States assures them they are free to use.  

As a result, many are less likely to tie their name to information they feel compelled to share.  Whether you’re an executive, someone with political interests or you’re just looking out for your own patch of grass in your community there’s a clear benefit to remaining anonymous when it comes to sharing information.

Silent Sender, a new website that has launched in early 2011, is taking a brave leap into the world of information sharing and social networking by finally providing a platform through which any individual can submit information using their anonymous messaging services.

“There is no justice in the way information is handled today.  People are terrified to do what’s right and speak their mind because they fear reprisal.  They wind up being so concerned for their own personal well-being and safety that it overshadows the moral obligation we have as people to do what’s right.  We forget the need to say what needs to be said.  As a result, we’re saddled day after day with a crushing moral weight because of secrets we hold.” stated a spokesperson for Silent Sender.

“People are tired of voter fraud, they are exhausted after dealing with political corruption, and they’re weary from the financial hit we all take due to various frauds and corporate corruption.  Communities full of people have had enough of victims being wronged and they are even more tired of leaders dropping the ball.  Yet few can say anything, because it shines a great big spot light on them – but not anymore.”

The anonymous messaging service highlights the slogan “go silent”, assuring that people who make use of the free anonymous messaging and premium anonymous mail service will be able to hide their identity – essentially removing all fear of reprisal while they blow the whistle.

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About Silent Sender
The site,, delivers the ability for users to send free anonymous messages of 160 characters in length or a premium anonymous letter through direct mail that can be up to 10 pages in length with the added ability to attach photos. Silent Sender is a tool that anyone can use to disseminate information in an anonymous fashion.

For more information on sending anonymous messages visit ...

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What is is a new social networking medium through which anyone can share important and meaningful information with friends, family, co-workers or just about anyone they care about. Silent Sender is a messaging service that acts as a disinterested third party to provide you with the ability to make a difference without getting caught in the middle.

We all have secrets, and the burden of carrying around those secrets can sometimes be too much to bear. While it's very common for people to avoid getting involved in a situation or conflict because they're protecting their own interests, there's a greater benefit in speaking the truth – especially when that can be done anonymously.

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